Friday, December 4, 2009

Educational Implications of Wikinomics

In the general context of education, the ideas of Wikinomics have enhanced the opportunity of promoting collaboration. Thanks to the new technologies of the Internet, we have been able to address specific issues on education. We can compare our educational context to those that are located in internationally. As an example of this, our NLE course has proved to be a great tool to reflect on the implications of learning environments by sharing our concepts from Colombian education, and our tutor presenting her context in Argentina’s perspective. Also, online journals have helped to know the perspectives of how people are teaching, and the way they are using online tools to enhance pedagogical practices.

In the context of ELT, the principles of Wikinomics, give opportunities for creating international collaboration. An example of this is a website called Live Mocha, where students can share their knowledge for learning languages just by the principle of collaboration. This is an example of mass collaboration put into practice for ELT purposes. As Wikinomic has proven to be a great help for companies all around the world, I believe that through our language learning practice, we must help students promote this types of interaction in a global framework. This means that from our context students must be familiar with how to create Wikis, how to create websites that promote collaboration, etc.

In conclusion the main power of the Wikinomic ideas is to allow a global perspective of knowledge. This is to allow knowledge to become accessible and enhanced by the world. More specifically in out ELT context, collaboration of sharing activities, experiences, feelings, etc. towards teaching can improve the ELT practice at a global stage.

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