Friday, December 4, 2009

Examples of how to change our Roles as students and teachers for E-learning!

Changing Instructor’s roles








Explanation of how the present continuous work.


In the following website you can find exercises that will help you describe daily routines.

Provider of content

Read the following tale.

Designer of learning experiences

Based on this reading, what personal experiences have you had?

Source of information

What words you don’t understand in the reading? These are the meanings…

Presenter of critical or open-ended questions

Based on the expressions you didn’t understand in the reading, how can you find out the meaning? Share your strategies with the class.


To understand and use the present continuous in sentences.

Project/inquiry-based instructional designer and assessor

How is the government helping the poor people in your country? Lets share ideas describing the different projects that can help poor people in our countries.

User of ‘one size fits all’ approach

Create an essay on the way we can help poor people in our country.

Moderator for a variety of learning styles

Can you share us some videos you have found in any website that can give us information on how we can help poor people in our country?

Or can you write an essay about this topic?

Or would you like to create a podcast addressing this issue?

Or Could you think of a project that could help the poor in your country?

Controller of a teaching environment

Please access the following quiz when you finish doing the task.

Co-creator of a learning experience

Lets create a Wiki where we write the different ways in which we can improve the situation of the poor people in our countries.


This is what we will do, and this is where you can find the information.

Learning -facilitator

Lets analyze this information. How is it relevant to you. Respond to your classmates and tell him/her how you agree or disagree.

Changing Student’s roles







Passive vessels

Read information and answer questions.

Active builder of knowledge and learning

Read information and make questions, how is this information relevant for your context?

Information gatherer

Read, read, read.


How can you apply the information you have to solve problems in your context?

Information remitter

This is what I read you can read this too.

Question researcher

What happens if I apply this knowledge in my context?

Individual learner

I read, I answer.

Cooperative, collaborative team member

How did you use the information you got? Maybe I can use it in that way also. I did this, and it worked like this, your strategy worked for me, but I did this differently and it worked better.


What do I do now teacher?

Independent manager of learning

I believe that if we do this we can work better!

Passive receiver

I understand.

Active contributor to the learning process

I understand what you say, but what happens if we add this?

Passive observer

I see what you do.

Active participant

I did this, and this is how it worked!

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