Friday, December 4, 2009

The learning Categories

Based on my experience with E-learning, This is my view of hoe the 7 categories of e-learning relate to me.

1. Courses

The experience of NLE has been a new one related to online learning. It is for the first time in our Masters degree courses that I have felt in an absolutely virtual environment. The Course has clear evaluating policies and clear starting and ending times.

2. Informal learning

I have had this learning experience in order to find tools that my students would enjoy. I learnt how to use Xtranormal, a site that creates animations by typing. In order to learn about this program I had to try it, manipulated and learn from it.

3. Blended learning

Many of our classes at this Masters course have been design in blended learning. My experience with these classes has been very interesting, because we used the F2F classes to discuss relevant issues that appeared in the online classes. It was interesting to find that we advanced faster in the topics that we developed online and very slow on the topics that we developed F2F.

4. Communities

I feel that we have gained a great bound of integration within the learning community of our semester. We have been able to discuss our problems in our teaching contexts and the situations that could enable us to create or advance in knowledge. Although every discussion that we do in virtual or F2F environments are part of an academic community, we also share our perceptions and personal situations with this community.

5. Knowledge management

I have not been involved in this category of e learning.

6. Networked learning

I have not been involved in networking environments, this is something that I believe is just being constructed with in our Masters community.

  1. Work-based learning (EPSS)

I have not been involved in this type of learning.

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