Friday, December 4, 2009

Some web 2.0 tools to analyze

Please look at my chart. Since I noticed and are similar websites I decided to do a google fight to know which one was more popular. Check out the website at the end of this post to see who won!

Web 2.0 tool


Potential uses for professional development

Potential uses for language learning classes


It is a book-marking service that allows interaction with other members. It is probably the most popular book-marking service online.

Keep track of all the websites that are relevant to my profession and share it with colleagues.

Know what the students are interested in, by knowing their most visited sites and find common likes among the class.


It is also a book-marking service, not as popular as delicious[1], but it does have more tools, like highlighting.

Keep track of all the websites that are relevant to my profession, highlight it and share it with colleagues.

As a reading strategy with in the class. To know if they are highlighting texts in a relevant way.

Wall wisher

It is similar to a wiki. This website is for having a website that may contain ideas of different people towards a topic. You may add to your comment a URL address.

Brainstorm ideas for projects with my colleagues.

Brainstorm ideas about class projects and share relevant links.

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