Friday, December 4, 2009

Issues and Strategies with E-learning




Extended time in responses using asynchronous communication.

When using asynchronous communication the learners may have difficulties developing the tasks. This leads to never ending discussions because the learners take too long in responding to their classmates or to the class’ tasks.

Setting specific deadlines is a way to overcome this issue. However it is important to keep in mind that the students may have personal difficulties that might unable them to post. In this aspect it is important to tell the student to communicate to the teacher in order to find solutions to the problem.

Lack of energy in Web-based courses in contrast to F2F.

The major issue in web-based courses is the lack of energy that F2F classes have. Spontaneity, and direct interaction are missing in virtual classes.

By using synchronous communication, through chats, skype conversations, also personalized tutoring through video-chats may help to overcome this issue.

Certainty of learners doing their work.

At the time of developing distant courses how are we sure that the student that enrolled himself for the class, is the one that is taking the class?

One strategy to overcome this is to develop group work.Also through personal tutoring, students can feel that the process is with them. I also believe that it is a process of developing self-awareness towards professional development and its importance.

Balance between Synchronous and asynchronous communication.

Synchronous and asynchronous communication have positive and negative aspects. How can we provide the correct balance between them?

The balance between these types of communication can be made depending on the course’s intentions. Synchronous communication can be use to follow up students inquiries and sharing of ideas. While asynchronous communication can be used for personal reflections.

Inappropriate sharing from the students.

Students may share academic aspects that are not appropriate for the course because of its content. Probably because of strong vocabulary, or nonacademic materials.

Share with the students netiquette rules, keeping in mind the formal academic environment of the course.

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